What Will Happen On My First Visit?



Please bring any documentation you have regarding:



Note: Please take Antibiotic Premedication PRIOR to your first appointment if you have any of the following:



Let us know if you need a new prescription for the antibiotic premedication.





During your first visit, Dr. Fletcher will review your complete medical history and dental history. This is critical because of the numerous links between systemic health conditions and oral health. He will then examine the following:



Dr. Fletcher will then explain the findings and discuss the treatment options. At the end of the appointment, you will receive a folder which includes information specific to your condition, a printed treatment plan, along with any insurance and financial information.


Dr. Fletcher will then send a copy of all the collected data and the recommended treatment plan to your dentist. In many cases, treatment will not be provided until your general dentist has reviewed the information and provided his/her opinion and additional recommendations. Medical consultation with your physician is frequently needed prior to any surgery. It is critical that everyone on your medical/dental team be involved in the formation of your personalized treatment plan.