To promote a speedy recovery please follow these instructions consistently until you return to our office for your post operative checkup appointment.


What to Expect…

Expect some bleeding. Call the office if it becomes excessive. Keep head elevated above your heart.


Some discomfort and swelling are to be expected and is greatest in the first 48 hours. Hold an ice bag on the face near the treated site for 15 minutes on and off several times a day for the first couple of days. Never use heat.


If there is excessive bleeding, place a damp piece of guaze at the site and apply light, continuous bite pressure for 30 minutes while sitting. Remove the guaze after 30 minutes. Do not spit or rinse your mouth during the day of surgery. Blood-tinged salvia is not unusual and may persist for several hours. You may wish to cover your pillow with a towel to avoid staining.


Pain or moderate swelling may occur at the IV site on your hand/arm. Please call with any concerns.

If you have a packing over the surgical site and pieces crumble off, do not be concerned about it. If the packing falls off BEFORE your first Post Op appointment please call the office. (Not all cases require a dressing).


If you have a clear plastic tray covering the roof of your mouth DO NOT remove it for the first 24hours.  After the first 24 hrs you may remove it to clean only and then re-insert. Always wear the tray when you are eating and drinking.


If you have been advised to take Claritan D 24 hr BEGIN taking it the day BEFORE surgery and continue taking it for 10 days AFTER your surgery.



Adequate nutrition is important for your body to heal properly. Maintain a balanced diet.

Avoid HOT food and drinks. Consume only foods at room temperature, COLD is preferred for at least the first 1-2 days.


Eat foods that are SOFT such as: jello, custard, yogurt, ice cream, cottage cheese, milk shakes and protein drinks. Soups, mashed potatoes, casseroles, well cooked vegetables and eggs are OK if eaten at room temperature. Foods that can be poured or spooned into your mouth are recommended and require NO chewing. NO BITING NO CHEWING for the first week. 


Avoid acidic foods/drinks for 2 weeks. This will include all forms of citrus fruits/juices, all forms of foods containing apples, all carbonated beverages (soft drinks), all foods/drinks using tomato.

Do NOT drink with a straw. Do NOT create any sort of suction such as sucking on ice, lozenges etc. 
Do NOT apply any medication, rinse, gel to the surgical site this includes any numbing agents.



Do NOT smoke or use any type of tobacco.

Antibiotics MAY inhibit the effectiveness of birth control medications. Please take additional precautions to prevent pregnancy.

Do NOT spit. Gently wipe lips if there is any visible blood.



Do NOT brush or floss the surgical site area. Brush and floss all OTHER areas daily.

Do NOT swish any mouth rinses, unless directed by Dr. Fletcher.



Avoid excessive physical exertion and fatigue during the immediate post-operative period

It is very important that you KEEP your Post Operative check up appointment. If for some reason you are unable to keep your checkup appointment please continue to follow these instructions until you see our office staff.