Supportive Periondontal Care


You have just completed your periodontal therapy, now what happens?


If your treatment was due to periodontal infection, you must return for regular periodontal maintenance visits at your dentist and maybe even alternate visits between your dentist and our office.


How often should I return for periodontal maintenance?


Each patient is different.  Many factors must be considered.  At each periodontal maintenance visit, your hygienist will use a dental probe to measure the tissue attachment on each tooth.  Dr. Fletcher will use this record along with other factors to determine your own periodontal maintenance recall period. 


Why is supportive periodontal care important?


Bacteria that cause periodontal disease will always be present in your mouth.  Other factors such as medical history and social history may allow accelerated periodontal disease.  Other than excellent oral home care, routine periodontal maintenance will eliminate soft and hard bacterial mass in areas where you miss at home.  This is the best way to prevent or at least delay future periodontal breakdown.


Implant patients


If you have undergone dental implant treatment with our office, we request that you alternate periodontal maintenance between your dentist and our office.  This will protect your investment by allowing Dr. Fletcher to evaluate the peri-implant tissue once a year.